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Solid Lil Sugar
2011 Sorrel Mare

This mare is a big, nice, gentle natured, good moving mare. For her size she has a lot of action, and super good minded.

Solid Sugarbar {Colonel Freckles {Jewel's Leo Bars
{Christy Jay
{Bonanzas Sugarbar {Sugar Bars
{Fay's Alibi
MCC Jessies Showdown {Jessie Bueno James {Collins Jessie
{Bow Tie Dunny
{Showdowns Showoff {Showdown Ed
{Show Can Go

Matadors Nifty Gal
1996 Sorrel Mare

The cowboys at Matador were not happy when JD Russell sold her to us. They say that she is a very athletic mare and is very smooth to ride.

Bill Cogdell {Hank 89 {Senor San
{Lesa Maria
{Peggy Cogdell {Solis Cogdell
{Vigos Peppy Sue
Lost Echo Gal {Gay Bar Lost Track {Gay Bar King
{Schura Leo Priss
{Matador Echo {Sugar Graham Echo
{Miss Hollywood Mio

Holly Sugar Belle
1997 Red Dun Mare

She is a big, gentle mare. Most of her foals have been red duns.

Jess N Peppy {Peppy San Badger {Mr San Peppy
{Sugar Badger
{Especials Quixote {Especial
{Jesse Quixote
Holly San Pep {Mr San Peppy {Leo San
{Peppy Belle
{Hollywood Maxine {Hollywood Gold
{Donna Jubilate

MCC Jessies Showdown
2003 Palomino Mare

She throws all colors of buckskins & golden palomino colts. She's also been known to throw some duns. She is very gentle and all her colts have great personalities & have everything we thrive for in our crops.

Jessie Bueno James {Collins Jessie {Jessie James
{Cozy McCue
{Bow Tie Dunny {Dunny D
{Poco Miss Jab
Showdowns Showoff {Showdown Ed {Showdown
{Randys Debbie
{Show Can Go {Sure Isle Go
{Showy Smoke

Sonoita Shot
1993 Gray Mare

This mare has produced balanced foals. They are boned and fleshed up and are movers.

Natural Shot {Shot O Gin {Doc O'Lena
{Gin Echols
{Natural {Coe Badger Two
{Miss Cee Bars 99
Available Divorcee {Sonoita Blue {Dick Sonoita
{Rain Bow Miss
{Staraway Rowe {Mr Rowe
{Espanoels Girl

Reylena Savannah
2003 Sorrel Mare

This mare throws some very gentle colts.

Peppy Rey Badger {Peppy Rey Lena {Peppy San Badger
{Rock A Dee {Lous Rock
{Skippa Doe
Ms Sir Forty Three {Sirs Sir {Sir Savannah
{Glamour Bar
{Ms NN Folly {Blobs Red Folly
{Miss A Fork

Cattins Beauty
2008 Brown Mare

I ride this mare - this photo was taken when she was a comin' two. Very nice minded mare that is deep, wide, boned and fleshed up. Very quick mover. Real smooth riding mare.

San Cattin {Cattin {Smart Little Lena
{Lynx Melody
{San Docanita {Peppy San Badger
Natural Badger Girl {Natural Shot {Shot O Gin
{San Badgers Beauty {Dividend Of Pep
{Quien Sabe Tres

Tens Lous
2010 Dun Mare

She is by TEN O SEA and a Hollywood Dunnit mare.

Ten O Sea {Docs Voyager {Doc Bar
{Pepina Kay
{Davie O Lena {Doc O'Lena
{Del Jays Jamie
Lous A Dun It Doll {Definitly A Dunnit {Hollywood Dun It
{Zans Diamond Squaw
{A Winning Doll {Will Win
{A Bar Doll

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